Auditor Explained!

Most people are shocked to find out that Certified Public Accountants do more than just tax compliance. dbbmckennon is a full service CPA firm in which provides other services including audits of private and public companies. Individuals within our firm in which perform these services are referred to as "auditors". Most people when they hear that you are an "auditor" automatically associate you with bad things, such as an IRS auditor. What most people don't realize, is that we are the type of auditor in which is there to protect them and their investments. Most auditors have a difficult time explaining to the friends and family what they actually do. If you find yourself not quite grasping what an auditor does, the Center for Audit Quality has created a short video explaining such. You can find the video here. For additional complimentary information regarding our services or other questions you may have please call one of dbbmckennon‘s offices located in Southern California or contact here.