Prepare your Financial Information to go Public

If you are thinking about taking your company public in the coming years, you should start preparing far in advance. Why?

As part of going public you will be subject to putting at least two years worth of books and records together in accordance with US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (”GAAP”).  That information must be audited before being submitted to the SEC and available for public observation.

Any auditor will tell you it’s much easier to audit a company when you only have to audit the previous year.  Any time the audit period extends two to three years back there are various issues that are generally encountered, including: 1) missing records, 2) turnover in employees, 3) regulatory filings that will require amendment (think taxes), and the list goes on.

If you contemplating going public in the future, start a conversation with all the stakeholders that will be needed: your management team, board of directors, legal, financial consultant, and auditors.  Having these groups on the same page will ensure that everyone is working as a team to an end goal.  Being proactive in your approach will have better results than if you are reactive.

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