Audit, Client, Consultant Relationship

At some point, most successful businesses or businesses with significant potential must go through an audit to verify historical activity and results for investors, shareholders, or potential buyers.   However, because so many businesses are stretched thin in terms of staffing and specialized expertise, audits sometime become significantly burdonsom on a Company. These scenarios often result in delayed completion of the audit, unnecessary difficulty in completing the audit, and impaired independence for the auditor.  Companies lacking bandwidth will have to find time to devote to an audit; and those lacking expertise will have difficulty in completing the work in acceptable ways.  Regardless, often times what happens is the auditor assists the client (adjusts balances, writes financial statemens, etc...) to the point where their independence is impaired.  If an auditors independence is impaired, they are precluded from issuing an opinion.  The burden of knowing if an auditors independence is impaired can't be on the auditor alone.  If a company's auditor is determined to be not independent at a later time, their audit report can be disqualified and the Company may be subject to re-audit at the companies expense.

To remedy these situations, wise executive teams hire expert consultants to assist in the audit preparation and oversight.  By hiring a qualified consultant, companies can negate bandwidth and expertise issues, that will in turn resolve most independence issues.

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