Three Functions to Outsource as a Startup

Three Functions to Outsource for your Startup Human Resources – Making sure you are abiding by employment laws in your state is essential.  Hiring, firing, and employment practices can get you sued if not done correctly.  In California, these laws are very strict.  If your startup is hiring interns, do they need to be paid….are they limited in hours if they get school credit?  Do you know some colleges require that you have $1 million in liability insurance before you can hire an intern from their school?  Use a qualified HR firm to handle your employment contracts and relationships.

Accounting – Making sure you are recording transactions accurately for investors is crucial.  Knowing margins and how to react to business developments will help you outperform competitors.   Accountants don’t have to be expensive, and through cloud-based solutions, certain accountants can be very reactive to your needs.  Don’t worry about accounting, focus on building your business.

Legal – It’s great to do certain things yourself.  But when it comes to formation, partnership agreements, stock option plans, equity vesting, etc…hire a qualified attorney. If you are a startup, you don’t necessarily need a law firm in a high-rise that charges $800 per hour.  Find a lawyer you trust, that you can afford, and that has the appropriate knowledge.

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