Three Accounting Related Technologies for the next Ten years

Here are three services that will revolutionize accounting over the next ten years. 1. ( – takes over your payable and receivable functions in a cloud setting. is billed as the “No-check” CEO software.  Why…because you can pay vendors by check, ePayment, or PayPal without ever touching a piece of payer. take over all the back of the house work….cutting checks, stuffing envelopes, mailing payments, etc.  It also tracks receivables, sends invoices (both by mail or email) and gives your customers online access to pay bills.  Best of all, it integrates with most major accounting software.

2. Xero ( – Xero is simple and functional accounting software that allows you to add functionality as your business grows.  Best of all, Xero is ever evolving.  Whereas many software companies are slow to update features, Xero releases new functionality each month and allow developers to add on their own programs.

3.  Square ( – Square is the easy breezy payment processors for retail and businesses who need on site credit card processing.  For about $250 plus an iPad, you can set up everything need to set up a storefront.  With Square, there are no hidden fees, and not complicated processes.  Swipe a credit card, and receive your money next day.

With our fast paced technological world, its vital businesses are up on current trends.  Check out these services to see if they can help your business, or speak with a trusted accounting advisor.

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