Navigating Auditing Standards, Without the Headache

If you thought the process of navigating auditing standards was a painful process, you are not alone. The PCAOB has started taking steps towards re-organizing auditing standards, aiming to make navigating standards a less painful process and more in line with the workings of an audit. So what does this mean for auditors and their clients? Currently the list of standards and related interpretations is nearly as large as a menu from the Cheesecake Factory, exceeding 2,000 pages when printed. That’s a lot of information to take in and consider. The current proposed changes would re-organize the standards into a four-digit numbering system designed to follow the workings of an audit. Under the proposal, standards would be grouped by the following categories: General auditing standards, audit procedures, auditor reporting’s, matters related to secures laws, and other. The difference lies in removal of interpretations from the system. Interpretations will not be removed all together, but simply contain a link to the relocated interpretation in an effort to “trim the fat” off the current standards.

The proposed changes, if implemented, would result in a much more efficient and painless experience for both auditor and potentially the client as well. I think we can all raise a glass to those improvements.

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