Title III Regulation Crowdfunding is HERE!

The long await for May 16, 2016 is finally over and Title III Regulation Crowdfunding ("Reg CF") is now legal!  The result of Title III of the JOBS Act and rules written by the SECReg CF is one of the most significant changes in securities laws in the past 80 years, and allows all income earning Americans to invest in companies through registered funding portals.  

You will hear plenty of people telling you why it can't work, why it won't work, why there is a reason the SEC only previously allowed "Accredited" investors to invest.  But the people that say that are likely the accredited investors who don't want competition.   This law helps reduce reliance on the rich and powerful.

We don't know if Reg CF will be successful, but we can probably say with some certainty that there will be some epic successes...and some epic failures.  Some people will make lots of money, but many will lose their whole investment. What this will do is fund many entrepreneurs where funding may not have otherwise been available.

Good luck to all those involved!

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