Form C-AR Coming Due for Regulation Crowdfunding Issuers

We are truly at a unique point in the JOBS Act life-cycle.  In 2016, Regulation Crowdfunding ("Reg CF") became legal and since then a couple hundred companies have tried their hand at raising money online through the crowd.  We have been a part of a large number of these offerings when an issuer is trying to raise over $100,000 and needs a CPA's financial statement review.  But now, being in April 2017, many of the Companies who have found success find a new challenge, updating their investors with an annual report on From C-AR (Form C Annual Report). 

The Form C-AR does not require another financial statement review from a CPA, but rather the Company to present GAAP compliant financial statements certified by the principal officer of the Company.  While this won't necessarily be a new task since the initial filing to raise money also required GAAP compliant financial statements, many of those filings were pre-funding from the crowd and included the CPA who reviews financial statements before such are released to the public.  With the Form C-AR, the Company may now have to show post-funding financials and without the assistance of the CPA doing the review.  What happens if the From C-AR is not filed....that's a good question.  We will definitely be watching because it's almost certain some companies won't complete this task.

If you are a successful Reg CF issuer that is now having to fill out the annual report on Form C-AR and need help, don't hesitate to use the contact us form for assistance.

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