Getting your Regulation Crowdfunding and Reg A+ audits and reviews shouldn't be a difficult process.

Equity Crowdfunding is here via SEC approved Regulation A, better known as Regulation A+, Reg A+, or a Mini-IPO and allows Companies to raise up to $50 Million in a mini-IPO process, and via Title III Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF), allowing companies to raise up to $1 Million with reduced regulation.  At dbbmckennon we have established ourselves as THE leading PCAOB registered CPA firm in the U.S. for Reg A+ audits and Title III Reg CF financial statement review accounting services, and the preferred CPA Firm among many of the early adopting companies and equity crowdfunding platforms.

While many firms will blog and publish a “how to” about Reg A+ and Reg CF, we have actually taken clients through the process and know the intricacies of not just the financial statement audit and review accounting requirement, but the whole Reg A+ and Reg CF process.   We have expert partners and contacts  in every industry needed to complete the Reg A+ process (i.e. platforms, portals, attorneys, marketing agencies, etc).  Schedule a call with us today to discuss your plans for equity crowdfunding.


Thinking about using Reg A+ or Title III Regulation Crowdfunding to raise money?  Let us help.


So what differentiates dbbmckennon from other firms?  
It’s the PACTS we make with our clients


There are a handful of CPA firms in the country that are actively involved in Reg A+, dbbmckennon included.  What sets us apart from the other firms actively involved in Reg A+ is that we are a PCAOB registered firm which many of our competitors are not.  That means we have continuing experience in working with SEC requirements and are inspected tri-annually by the PCAOB to ensure meet the highest standards of our industry, the same standards the very largest firms are held to. You will read and be advised that the use of a PCAOB firm is not required for Reg A+ and that not false nor is it 100% true.  First, it is important to note that, there is NO extra cost to using a PCAOB firm compared to a non-PCAOB firm.  Second if you have high aspirations for your company you will need a PCAOB firm to reach the OTC Markets OTCQX Best Marketplace or national exchange (i.e. NASDAQ) where companies tend to do better and have more actively traded (liquid) stock; or if you want to become a full reporting public company. This is the path that the first Reg A+ deal (Elio Motors) took. If you were previously using a non-PCAOB firm, then you would have to hire a PCAOB firm and pay them to re-audit what the non-PCAOB firm already audited at YOUR cost.  That means double the work, double the cost; which call all be avoided by using a PCAOB firm in the first place.


Our audit partners have over 60 years of combined experience working in almost every industry: service, technology, retail, gaming, software, manufacturing, entertainment, bio-fuels, etc.  Unlike the big firms, you can always get one of our partners on the phone and get your questions answered immediately.  We call this small firm attention with big firm expertise.


We offer competitive pricing with any reputable firm in the country…period. 


We were paperless before it was cool to be paperless.  Our office has practiced in a paperless environment for over 10 years and one of our Partners even wrote a book about it and instructs other CPA’s across the country on how to work and document in a paperless environment.  We believe we have to move at the speed of our clients. 


A personalized service is our #1 goal.  We know you have many choices for CPA firms but at the end of the day, the most important thing is a trusting and personalized professional relationship.  As a client you are not a number you are a person/company with real world problems. We make an effort to touch base with our clients at least quarterly just because it’s the right thing to do.  We make a point to give you straight answers in a timely fashion and encourage our clients to call us before a small issue becomes a big issue.  We don’t have to run questions up the corporate latter like national firms because our partners are intimately involved in every company they oversee.