dbbmckennon Invests in the Future

Albert Einstein once said “I never think of the future - it comes soon enough.”  But here at dbbmckennon, we are always focused on the future.  Whether it’s our clients, our practice, or technology, it is our business to help make the future as bright as possible. On the technology front, we are pleased to announce that we have invested in an upgraded and cutting edge, back-of-the-house cloud based system.   Not only will this system allow us to work more efficiently on our clients, but it will grant clients the access to information they desire. 

With the new cloud based system, each tax and audit client may elect to have access to our cloud portal with their own unique username and password.  This will grant tax clients access to all their files that dbbmckennon has received or generated on their behalf; including completed and filed tax returns; and allow for audit clients to transfer files seamlessly without using email.   Here is a little more information about the system to answer questions and concerns:

Q:  On the cloud platform, will other clients have access to my information?

A:  No.  Each user will have access to their files only through a unique username and password.  Think of the cloud as a commercial storage center.   All clients have access to the security gate but each client has their own lock and key to their individual storage unit.  No one, other than yourself and your CPA can access your information.

Q:   Does dbbmckennon know my username and password?

A:  No.  The username and password you choose are yours and yours alone and administered by the cloud provider.

Q:  Is the cloud secure?

A:  Yes. Our cloud is run by a highly regarded national organization. Please contact us for the link to our providers security measures.

Q:  How can this benefit me as a client?

A:  Unprecedented access and reliability!  Having access to your tax returns anytime and anywhere will give you the freedom of mobility.  Often times clients need two years of tax returns for home loans.  In the past, if you lost or misplaced those returns, you would have to call your CPA and have the returns faxed over.  With the cloud platform, you can access up to three years of tax returns at any given time without waiting.  In addition, in preparation for tax season, you can upload pertinent information such as W-2’s, 1099’s, and other forms which we will need for tax preparation.  Thus you can build the file as you go instead of trying to find all documents at the last minute.  Audit clients can also build their audit file electronically on the cloud instead of sending documents via multiple emails (which are restricted by size) or snail mail.

Q:  What else will change once dbbmckennon switches over to the cloud platform?

A:  Not much else will change.  dbbmckennon is still committed to the highest quality of service.  As we implement the cloud platform, you will notice that paper will become less prevalent.  Tax clients will be allowed to upload information onto the cloud for tax preparation and download returns when complete.  This is good for everyone and good for the environment.

Q:  Can I still opt for paper returns and/or provide tax or audit information in paper form?

A:  Absolutely.  We can print and provide you with returns, financial statements, etc, or you can access them through the cloud portal and print/download them anywhere you have an internet connection and a printer.  You can also provide all your tax and audit documents to us in paper form.  We will create an electronic copy for our electronic system and return the paper documents to you.  All electronic documents are stored on the cloud for a period of time that meets or exceeds state and federal mandated retention requirements for CPA’s.

If you have more questions about our system and how it will benefit you as a client, don’t hesitate to contact us today.