Client Profile - 4 Pure

About the Company

4Pure, Inc.

4Pure, Inc. manufactures and sells a line of organic lemonades with only 4 ingredients and sweetened with maple syrup.


The Person Behind the Company

Will Boyle, Founder and CEO

I began my journey into the beverage business in 2002 when I discovered a large spring source on my property in Gray, Maine. By 2005, I had built my first bottling plant in Portland, Maine. We began bottling 3 and 5 gallon bottles of spring water for home and office delivery. in 2017, the spring source was acquired by an international food corporation. In 2011 with the help of my children, Jacob and Audrey, we developed our first flavored beverage, Litl' Squirts. A healthy beverage for kids 2-14 years of age. Litl' Squirts was the first 8oz product sweetened with 100% juice to be endorsed by the University of Framingham School of Nutrition as a healthy beverage for school aged children; the "A List." 4Pure is an organic lemonade sweetened with maple syrup. The original idea to develop a lemonade sweetened with maple syrup was something that came up in conversation between Dirk Asherman and myself. I had mentioned to Dirk that I was playing around with formulations of an organic lemonade. He offered the idea of sweetening the lemonade with maple syrup. Two years later and hundreds of hours of testing, tweaking and final development have given us what many say is "the best lemonade on the market today." My strongest attributes are in product development, team building, management, estimating, sales, management, utility construction, manufacturing, electrical systems, fluid flow, and process controls. I have a vast knowledge of underground utility planning, management, and construction. I am very experienced with reading blueprints, safety, budgeting, and managing projects of all sizes. I have been in industrial and commercial sales and construction for almost twenty years in New England dealing with clients such as Mid Coast Hospital, LL Bean, Idexx, Unum, National Grid, Columbia Gas, Bath Iron Works, Pratt Whitney Aircraft, as well as several colleges and school districts.


About the Offering

JOBS Act Offering type: Reg CF

Portal used: SeedInvest

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Q. What problem are you solving with your product or services?

A. A healthier, simple and more transparent lemonade. Creating a high velocity market for maple syrup as a sweetener.


Q. Why did you choose this particular crowdfunding platform?

A. SeedInvest is very particular about who they select for companies on their platform. We thought they would be a good match for 4Pure and for validating our product.


Q. Why did you choose equity crowdfunding over other funding mechanisms? 

A. SeeInvest is an excellent platform for early stage funding and product exposure.


Q. What has been the hardest part of the equity crowdfunding process based on your experience?

A. We thought the process was very methodical and did not have any issues that we would consider difficult.


Q. What has been the most rewarding part of the equity crowdfunding process based on your experience?

A. The most rewarding part of the process has been the information, feedback and validation of our product.


Q. What makes your company unique and/or distinctive to potential investors? 

A. The simplicity and quality of our products. In the food and beverage business, the trends are for healthier products with transparency that also contain fewer ingredients.


Q. What is the best business advice you ever received?

A. Trust but verify.


Q. If you could sit down with one business leader for lunch, current or historical, who would it be and what is one question you would ask them?

A. Henry Ford I would ask him what he considered his greatest accomplishment.


Q. What inspired you to start or become a part of this business?

A. I wanted to develop a healthier beverage for my children. I saw a need for simplicity and transparency in a beverage product.


Q. If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

A. Persistence is key. Many people along the way may not believe in you or your product; if you are steadfast in achieving your goals, then nothing is ever lost.


What they say about dbbmckennon

Q. Why did you choose dbbmckennon? 

A.  Referral

Brian and David were wonderful to work with. Methodical, efficient and pleasant to deal with.


Other Service Providers Used

Pulp and Wire - They are a Portland, Maine marketing and PR firm. They are an amazing team.

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