Happy Regulation Crowdfunding Day (May 16, 2016)

Regulation Crowdfunding went live at 6am EST on May 16, 2016 and there were roughly 10 companies that were listed on funding portals within the first few hours.  Of those, not all were raising over $100K and needed a CPA involved for the financial statement review.  We were proud to be involved with four of the companies (about 50% of all companies raising over $100k) that went live on day one.   This was a national roll-out for Reg CF.  This proves again why DBBM is the leading CPA firm for companies undertaking equity crowdfunding raises through Regulation Crowdfunding and Reg A+.  Happy crowdfunding day everyone, and good luck to all those involved!

To check out some of the companies raising money with regulation crowdfunding early on go to : www.startengine.com,  www.nextseed.co or www.wefunder.com.  Please remember that investing in these types of companies comes with substantial risk of loss and nothing in this post should be considered advice or encouragement to invest.  Contact your professional financial advisory for investment advice.

dbbmckennon is a full service CPA firm with offices in Orange County, San Diego and Santa Monica.  We specialize in companies filing with the SEC and utilizing equity crowdfunding through Reg A+ and Regulation Crowdfunding. For additional complimentary information regarding this topic or other questions you may have please call one of dbbmckennon‘s offices located in Southern California or contact us here.